• Accurate measuring data are the basics

    The SuitS4Eyes GmbH offers you with the EyeGauge a new optical centering system . Based on the measuring data of the EyeGauge you are able to provide your customers individualized glasses with the maximum of comfort.


  • Focus on customer satisfaction

    Individual-Multifocal-Lenses show their technological advantages only if all needed individual parameter are included in manufacturing process. The spontaneous compatibility of Individual-Multifocal-Lenses is increased drastically because of measurment data with an accurateness of 0.1mm.


    • Measuring device

      The dimensions of the EyeGauge are quite compact. With platform dimensions of 30 cm x 30 cm is an integration into the shop concept very easy.

      You can use an already present PC or Laptop for the EyeGauge.

      We also offer suitable lifting columns for the EyeGauge. So you can adjust the needed height fo rthe measurement quick and easy.

    • Measuring data